Habitat Management

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Trust Critter Gitter of Northern Colorado to keep wild animals off your property

Critter Gitter of Northern Colorado offers habitat management as a part of our animal control service. We’ll modify your property to keep animal pests from taking up residence at your home. We can:

  • Cut tree branches away from your roof to prevent squirrels from scampering there
  • Remove juniper bushes and other shrubs that attract rabbits and rodents
  • Fill the space beneath your patio to deter animals from nestling and breeding
  • Install chimney caps 
  • Install bird netting for decks and canopies 
  • Recommend or perform minor home renovations for wildlife prevention 
  • Build custom window well covers

We’ll inspect your property and humanely remove any animals before modifying the grounds. You’ll enjoy living in a pest-free environment after we’ve completed our work.

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Our experts will tell you what you need to know about animal control

The Critter Gitter team will not only make necessary changes to your property – we’ll also recommend strategies to keep your home free from unwelcome critters. After you’ve spoken with us, you’ll have the information you need to keep your home free of pesky animal invaders.

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